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The ongoing “lockdown” conditions do not necessarily mean a loss of appetite for property.  We have been analysing our figures and note that views from visitors to our website was following the upward trajectory one would expect during the transition from Winter into Spring.  In the three weeks running up to actual “lockdown” itself the number of views dropped week on week, we note that over the last two weeks however the numbers are beginning to recover, this is consistent both with people settling into the rhythm of the current new way of life and the slightly better news coming from the Government relating to the number of COVID-19 cases.


We consider that there is genuine pent up demand building, evidenced by the significant number of calls and emails we are receiving from buyers who are desperate to commence or recommence their property search once the restrictions are relaxed or lifted.


Whilst conditions remain super tough for us all both on a personal and professional level we remain hopeful that the market will return to normal – or indeed “a new normal” in the foreseeable future.